Block B - Y
Block B / Single Floor




Merging typologies B1 and B3 to form a three-bedroom typology spanning the entire floor plate of Block B, this 295-square-meter apartment boasts a sumptuous pool terrace. Open at the western and eastern orientations with views of Beirut’s Central District and Mount Lebanon respectively, this terrace, accommodating a 3.9-by-1.8-meter pool and outdoor bar, is what differentiates this typology from the B4 typology.

With a powder room at its entrance, the apartment’s landing opens up onto a living area overlooking Beirut’s Central District, comprised of a reception space, a dining room and an exposed kitchen complete with open breakfast bar, as well as a staff rest area with a private bathroom. A secondary entrance leads to a family living space and master bedroom, both benefiting from floor-to-ceiling glazing overlooking the Mediterranean. The master bathroom faces a southern view of the city which can be enjoyed from its private balcony. Two additional bedrooms share a bathroom, and have access to a south-facing balcony with a dipping pool.

Floor Plans