Technical Specifications

In General


  • Structure is anti-seismic; Base Rock Seismic Acceleration of 0.25 g.
  • Each apartment has a clear height of 3 meters from floor to ceiling.
  • State of the art security.
  • Fully equipped gymnasium area on the 14th floor with outdoor pool.
  • Parking space for both residents and guests, as well as a driver’s room for rest.
  • 5-star hotel maid service.
  • Modern building management system (BMS) providing added safety for residents.
  • 24-hour security guards.

Basic architectural and finishes specifications

Execution of the work shall conform to international safety and technical standards, and shall comprise the following superior material/equipments, or their equivalent.

Aluminium and Glazing

  • Clear double glazing will be used to provide a good insulation barrier for temperature and sound.
  • Aluminium manufacturers: Schucco, Technal or equivalent.
  • Glazing manufacturers: Saint-Gobain or Pilkington.


In an attempt to transgress the prevailing trends of the real estate development industry that rely on standard finishing, commercial brands and labels, all architectural specifications will be in line with the design concept proposed by internationally acclaimed Architect Bernard Khoury.


  • French oak (veneer wit massif frames) will be used for doors in the apartment entrance, reception and bedroom areas. Doors to stairs fire escapes and emergency exits shall be 2-hour fire rated.
  • Locks manufactures: Vachette, Yale, or equivalent.
  • Ironmongery: Valli & Valli or equivalent.


  • Top quality imported paint material will be used in the surface preparation, the putty and final painting.
  • Paints manufacturers: Guittet, ICI, Berger or equivalent.


  • Common underground water tanks for 5 days autonomy.
  • Domestic Water treatment Station.
  • Variable speed booster pump set including multiple pumps operating in duty and one in stand and in alternate way to control water pressure at point-of-use between 2 and 4 bars.
  • Internal water meter for each Unit.
  • Domestic hot water Cylinder heated by gas boiler and electrical auxiliary resistance dedicated for each unit.
  • Return hot water circulator.
  • WC’s throughout the project shall be wall-hung with concealed water reservoir (concealed flush tanks)
  • Heating elements to be through trench heaters.
  • Fire extinguishers in all common areas.
  • Fire sprinklers covers all the project areas.
  • Fire suppression systems for high risk areas (generator room, fuel room, main electrical room…)
  • Wet Fire hydrants network with Siamese connections.
  • Smoke management for car park.
  • Car park ventilation controlled by CO sensors for energy saving.
  • VRV heat pump System will be adopted for each apartment including one outdoor unit and multiple indoor units with private thermal control in each internal space.
  • All apartments’ toilets will be ventilated by a common exhaust fan per apartment which exhausts the air to the outside horizontally through an exhaust air louver.
  • A hood provisional connection of diameter 15cm will be provided from the kitchen to the outdoor louver in the same level.

Alternative A

  • Common gas tanks and distribution networks for 10 days Autonomy.
  • Gas meter and panel for each Unit serving kitchen equipment and gas boiler including all necessary safety valves and gas leakage detectors.

Alternative B

  • 2 boilers supplying all units with calorie meter for each.
  • Exposed water pipes in shafts and in false ceilings: CPVC or PPR.
  • Embedded Water Pipes (in-wall inside toilets): CPVC or PPR.
  • Pipes Insulation: All Hot water pipes (embedded and exposed) are insulated with elastomeric foam materials.
  • Drainage pipes inside buildings: UPVC (European norms) pipes.
  • Stainless steel multi-stage pumps. Pumping Equipment shall be selected based on the lowest energy consuming model of the selected manufacturer and providing their service in the physical space allocated, and with the architect’s approval.
  • Hangers and Supports: Prefabricated hot dip galvanized with anti-vibration rubber.
  • Black steel seamless pipes will be used for the exposed main gas pipes and inside ventilated shafts up to the gas meter.
  • Copper pipes installed covered by polyethylene tube will be used for gas distribution network from the gas meter to the equipment.
  • All gas embedded pipes shall be installed as pipe in tube.
  • VRV: Daikin, Hitachi, LG or Approved equal.
  • Gas Boilers: Ferolli, Rocca or Approved equal.
  • UPVC pipes: REDI, Wavin or Approved equal.
  • Gaz oil boiler: Chappe, Dietrich or equivalent if applied.
  • Trench heater: Zender, or equivalent.
  • Sanitary manufacturer to be similar to Duravit, Ideal Standard, Laufen or equivalent.
  • All sanitary fittings and auxiliaries should be as manufactured by Hansgrohe, Grohe, Ideal Standard or equivalent.
  • Four elevators are provided for the two towers.
  • The conveying systems are as recommended by the European or Japanese Standards.
  • Drive type: Variable Voltage and frequency VVVF.
  • Control: Microprocessor with optimum performance.
  • Operation: Duplex Full collective operation.
  • Car door operation: Automatic, sliding, central opened, VVVF controller.
  • The system operation is complying with the latest technology of Smart Lifts.
  • Manufacturers are: Mitsubishi, Schindler, Fujitec, Kone or equivalent.
  • All electrical installations and systems to be as per the International Standards IEC.
  • All wiring devices , sockets, switches and all kind of outlets to be top quality from international well known manufacturer, as bticino, Legrand or equivalent, all as per the European Standards.
  • Building shall be protected from lightning strikes and surges, including a complete infrastructure for the earthing system as per the international Standards.
  • Basic KNX Automation system for the reception area and more.
  • Safety with CCTV to cover and control the entire sensible parts of the building.
  • Infrastructure for, WIFI & wired network inside the apartments.
  • Telephone and telecommunication in each room, to allow video streaming facility.
  • SMATV with TV outlets for each room, for a wide Bouquet of Programs, up to 2,000 satellite digital channels on each TV outlet.